Managed Funds

Income, Capital Growth, Tax Effective Yield? Take your pick.

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We all know the diversification mantra, but diversification without an ultimate focus can be pretty fruitless – especially in times of trial.

And let’s face it, sometimes you don’t want to diversify except within a particular asset class – corporate debt is one we like at present.

At Chimaera, we offer a range of unitised investments enabling large and very large investors to target a return in accordance with their risk profile, needs and wants.

Naturally, investors can chose from an array of mandates and elect to incorporate gearing, or not.  We silo each fund so there is no cross-pollination between funds when it comes to financiers seeking security over the entire Group portfolios.

Financiers proficient in understanding a business like Chimaera’s – itself one based on world’s best practice in the fund and folio management and securities lending industries understand the benefits, and are well equipped to enable a seamless service to be presented to clients of all sizes and profiles.