Fiduciary Management and Administration

Some people want to handle every aspect of their investments personally. Others prefer to spend their time away from a computer screen.

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With a range of managed options available to you, we can agree a principal investment mandate (which sets out the scope of an investment strategy) and you can empower us to execute that strategy for you.

Whether your goal is capital growth, tax minimisation, income or a mix of everything - there's a Chimaera managed product that suits your goals.

Chimaera funds exist, and are constantly evolving, to meet the needs of the modest, the brave and the sophisticated investor alike.

Individually Managed Accounts

Many clients choose to agree with us a particular investment mandate, gearing exposure (if any) and investment focus and then empower us to execute that strategy as we see fit (always within, of course, the terms of our agreement). Chimaera Private Limited can provide advisory services at the outset and on an ongoing basis, if the investor so desires. 

The strategy and performance are reviewed with you regularly and clients can verify their current positions and results easily via the password-protected section of this website.

Custody and Investment Administration

The provision of a fully coordinated, innovative and individualised custody and investment administration service is one of Chimaera's absolute core competencies.

Some of these services our clients especially appreciate include:

  • Safekeeping and settlement
    Safe custody and management of all your investment documentation.

  • Income processing and corporate actions
    We provide information to help you manage your cash assets effectively and maximise your investment returns including corporate action processing, income collection, proxy voting and tax services.

  • Record keeping and reporting
    Our meticulous reports give you critical and meaningful information on your securities and cash positions, along with unsettled transaction status, annual Capital Gains Tax and dividend imputation records, all contained within a digestible financial year report to facilitate preparation of your annual tax return.

  • CHESS Sponsorship
    We are an approved non-broker participant of CHESS.

  • Dedicated Support
    Easy online access to your funds, or you can speak directly to a dedicated Client Service Advisor for information about your position or for efficient resolution of any queries.

  • Flexibility to trade through multiple brokers
    Our custodial account allows you to use multiple brokers to trade and execute through one Chimaera account.